You are planning to shoot a class project: a special project that you and your teacher feel strongly about. And you want to make a film that the whole world can enjoy. And yes, thanks to the Internet, there are no more borders.
Here at happinessatschool.org, we are excited to discover the inventions that you, teachers and students, have come up with to bring your school’s experience to life.

Tell us about your projects, about why you are doing them and the results you have achieved.

How better to tell these stories than by making short films. From the outside, it might seem very complicated, but there is so much you can already do with a smartphone and a little dedication. This is why we have prepared this series of short tutorials for you.
TUTORIAL 1 Telling a Story
TUTORIAL 3 Doing an interview

TUTORIAL 5 recording properly with a smartphone

TUTORIAL 7 Film mixing essentials

TUTORIAL 2 Making beautiful video footage

TUTORIAL 4 Preparing your interview

TUTORIAL 6 Film editing essentials

TUTORIAL 8 To make a Stop-motion video

Up to you ! You now have all what you need to here these great stories to the world.